FedEx Ground South Dayton Facility

FedEx Ground South Dayton Facility is a job that Milcon Commercial Concrete is currently working on. It is a 32-acre complex with 250,000sf under the roof. There were over 2,400lf of footer + 84 column pads on the main building. 1/3 of the footers had to be” hammered out” through rock. Inside the main facility there is over 4,700 yards of concrete were placed with 5# fiber reinforcement per yard in the slab on grade. The exterior concrete consists of over 93,000sf of heavy duty concrete paving and sidewalks, totaling over 2,300 yards of concrete. The first concrete pour was for footers was on June 15, 2016, with a completion date of all concrete being placed, totaling close to 8,000yds, by the end of November 2016.