PSA Hangar Addition


This is a project that our road construction division and our concrete division worked on together. Milcon started work on the PSA Hangar Addition Early Site Work Package in August and will finish in December. This project included building an 80,000 SF building pad, 11,000 CY of compacted fill, installed 4- 50,000 gallon water tanks below grade for fire suspension water storage, installed 2 wet wells for fire pumps to draw from 27’ deep, complete storm sewer, 12,000 cy of excavation, miscellaneous site demo and hydro-excavate around 375’ of existing fiber optic duct line and pour a duct bank around it. Milcon Commercial Concrete poured a total of 3,687 yard of concrete and there was a total of 162 tons of reinforcing steel. There is a phase II that Milcon Commercial Concrete will go back and work on at a later date.