Miami University


Milcon Concrete started the Miami University project in May of 2014. The project will be complete in July of 2015. Milcon Concrete was responsible for demo of existing walks and hardscapes around six buildings on the twenty-five acre site. All of the buildings were excavated around down to the existing foundations to allow the walls to be waterproofed and a foundation drainage system to be installed, walls were then backfilled.

Installed a new storm drainage system on the site, 6,000′ of storm pipe, 100 catch basins and manholes. Installed a water main loop thru the site and tied in the buildings for domestic water and fire lines, 7,700′ of water main. Installed a new sanitary main through the site and laterals to all the buildings, 1,600′ of pipe, 10 manholes. Milcon is responsible to re-grade the entire site for new walks and streets and import and grade topsoil over the entire site. This job has been very challenging due to the amount of underground obstructions found and the logistics of the project with the amount of work going on around and in the buildings that are not related to our part of the project.