Stillwater Crossing in West Milton

In November 2019, Milcon Concrete broke ground on Stillwater Crossing. Located on an 89 acre lot in West Milton, OH, when completed, Stillwater Crossing will include housing, retirement cottages, a nursing facility and an outpatient  care center. The project began with the crews clearing the land of its 89 acres of woods, which took 4 weeks. Approximately 36,000 cubic yards of rock have been removed from the retention ponds, which covers a total of 9 acres.  The removed rock was repurposed by being crushed and will be used for the roadways on the project. There is mass excavation and embankment to be completed over the  entire site in  addition to  installing  storm and  sanitary  sewers and water  main. Stillwater Crossing is scheduled to be  completed in Spring/Summer 2021.