Union Village – Phase One


The Union Village Phase One project will be completed by Milcon Concrete Inc. on an approximately 40-acre site located in Warren County, OH.

This project includes plans for 125 separate lots complete with aesthetic features, connecting asphalt streets, concrete sidewalks and asphalt parking lots.

Over 57,000cy of topsoil has been stripped from the entire site. Approximately 46,000cy of earth is being excavated, including the cutting out and shaping of three large basins. Embankment will include over 62,000cy of appropriately compacted soil. Once the embankment has been completed, nearly 20,000cy of topsoil will be replaced on specific sites throughout the project.

In addition to the earthworks, several utilities will be installed including an extension of an existing sanitary sewer system. Over 10,000ft of sanitary sewer is being installed, along with nearly 4,000ft of sanitary service lines and over 40 manholes. Roughly 9,000ft of storm sewer will be put in place on the project, with 25 manholes and over 80 catch basins. Approximately 8,000ft of water main is set to be stretched across the site, with water services put in place for specified lots.

Once the work by Milcon Concrete Inc. has been completed, this Phase One project will be the first step for the Union Village Development Co. towards furthering their 40 to 50 year plan to develop the surrounding area into up to 4,500 residential units and up to 1,000,000 SF of commercial space. Their master plan includes neighborhoods with walkable, tree-lined streets, charming architecture, and a variety of housing types.

The town center along SR 741, which will be part of Phase One, will feature several shops, dining options, and amenities. The Union Village Development Co. also envisions a super market and larger stores just south of the Phase One project, at the southern edge of the property along SR 63. An extensive 200-acre greenway system of meadows, woodland parks, and pathways linking the Village to nearby Armco Park and the new Warren County Sports Park, is also featured in their master plan.

Include below are the conceptual artist renderings profiling what Union Village will look like when completed. Click on the thumbnails to view large images.

Below are photos of Phase One of the Union Village project. Click on the thumbnails to view large images.