Greene County ODOT Full Service Maintenance Facility

In Spring 2018, Milcon was awarded Greene County ODOT Full Service Maintenance Facility contract.  Milcon cleared the site of topsoil, trees and provided erosion control. Excavation and embankment for storm runoff and detention, building pads and parking lot is completed. Milcon installed the main line storm sewer, water and sanitary.  Re-spread and fine grade topsoil on southern and western sides of site just concluded.  Challenges of the project have included dealing with the soil needed to be used as embankment has been extremely wet. This required drying of the soil before it could be compacted which was time consuming.  Milcon crew had to anticipate and act if site was to get any precipitation. As all soils laid out to dry had to be sealed before any rain.   The project started so soon that storm structures could not be shipped in time to perform the work in a normal sequence. Instead of installing storm first to get the site to drain, Milcon had to first perform excavation and embankment and do so in a way that was productive but still kept the site draining.