Piqua Shawnee Storm Sewer Improvements


Milcon was awarded this project in the fall of 2017 by the City of Piqua. The project consisted of installing a 7’x2’box culvert from the river in Piqua to the MCD levee, setting a flap valve manhole assembly structure then running 48”concrete storm sewer through the levee. A manual gate valve manhole assembly was installed on the subdivision side of the levee so that it could be closed off in the event of a flood. The 48”storm was continued up 2nd street to the Cleveland Street intersection. This job was challenging due to the depth of the storm sewer running through the levee and the weight and size of the structures that had to be set.


415 LF 48”storm sewer installed

126 LF of box culvert installed

1-Slide gate manhole assembly installed 28,000 lbs.

1-Flap gate valve assembly installed 22,000 lbs.

2- Manholes installed