Dayton International Airport Economy Parking Lot


This project consisted of reconstruction of the entire 22 acre Economy Lot including new lighting system, security camera system, new storm sewer, curbs, walks and lanscape. There were lighting and pavement upgrades in 6 other lots at the airport.

The project was challenging in many ways 1- Getting the cars removed from the lot for construction to begin. 2- The existing lot was built over unsuitable soil, which had to be removed for the new lot to be constructed. 3- There were many unknown utilities encountered that had to be dealt with.

This project had a 180 Calendar day completion. It was finished 80 days ahead of schedule.

The existing pavement was milled and trucked off site- 17,000 CY

2,800 LF of storm pipe removed

19,000 CY of embankment

9,800 CY of excavation

65,800 ton of 304 aggregate base installed

97,700 SY of geogrid installed

4,600 LF of storm sewer installed

54 catch basins and manholes installed

19,700 LF of electrical conduit installed

97 light poles installed